A National EDI Solution for the Auto Casualty Industry

Built from the robust architecture of WorkCompEDI's pioneering Property & Casualty (P&C) clearinghouse, AccidentEDI™ provides the auto industry tailored clearinghouse products & services that deliver value
Consultative approach to implementing an auto-specific EDI solutions

PRO-spective EDI Clearinghouse Services

Our firm maintains a vast connectivity network of over 3,000+ electronic routes to deliver P&C eBilling transactions for our submitters (over 2,200+ are direct connections with our firm), including most of the major auto processing receivers.

Pre-adjudication edits scrub transactions and provide instant feedback to submitters, helping achieve faster first-pass rates across all parties.

RETRO-spective EDI Processing Workflows

Our technology gives auto clients the ability to aggregate transactions from submitters, convert bills to a new single submitting party, update data elements on the original inbound bill, and distribute electronically or print & mail.

We then can receive remittances (835 or paper), apply contracted discount rates, and issue modified EORs and payments.

Unstructured Document Processing Network

Our Direct-to-Mail™ (DTM) service processes unstructured document for delivery (electronic or print & mail) typically exchanged in medical lien processing. Law firms can join our dtmEDI™ network and receive transactions online or directly at no cost.

1st party & 3rd Party Workflow Services

Our customizable workflow systems allow clients to receive, process and re-direct transactions between vendor-partners easily and efficiently. Carve-out capabilities to modify data and perform pre- and post-adjudication editing on transactions gives way to highly customized processing capabilities.

Direct Submitter: Flexible Submission Options

Numerous flexible methods available to connect and access a robust 2-way communication network for simplified connectivity


US Postal Mail

Mail your bills to:

Elk Grove Village, IL 60005

CompFax© Service

Fax your bills & attachments to:

(800) XXX-XXXX

Web Portal Upload PDF Bill Image

Upload PDF bills & attachments

Web Portal Upload X12 837 or Custom

Upload X12 837 bills & attachments

Direct Submission X12 837 or Custom

Submit X12 837 or custom files via sFTP

Via Current CH Vendor EDI Network

Upload PDF bills & attachments

Provider Outreach & Education Programs

Dedicated outreach and education programs help drive the adoption of EDI (directly or indirectly) and provides key intelligence about the decisions submitters are making when sending paper over EDI.